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Neighborhood News
Summercrest Pond Work!
The City of Overland Park contacted us to let us know that they would be conducting work on the Summercrest pond in early April.  The scope of the project includes shoreline restoration and dredging on the east end of the pond.  
The Board of Directors, the SHA stream team and several residents have lobbied for the last few years to get these efforts to take place.   Please take a moment and let the City know that we appreciate their responsiveness.  You can read their notice in the link below:

Attention Residents - Update on Trash Services:
As you have most likely already noticed; Deffenbaugh was unable to pick up trash this past week due to the two Ice Storms and Presidents Day.  With the multiple delays they were too backed up and had to postpone trash services until this Friday as usual. They will however be allowing extra bags next to the bins to be picked up without the trash stickers this Friday only to accommodate for the lapse in service pick-up.  They acknowledge that it was/is an inconvenience however it was mainly due to acts of GOD so there will not be any refund for the missed service.  

Attention Residents - More Street Work to Improve the Neighborhood:
As you have most likely already noticed, the Street Maintenance Program continues in the neighborhood.  O'Donnell and Sons Construction has been contracted to improve our sidewalks, streets and curbs. We unfortunately only qualified for spot repairs for the curbs but it will hopefully improve many of the areas that are cracking or already falling apart. This project will also include sidewalk repair and street pavement mill and overlay.  If work is done in-front of your house expect up to 5 days without access to your driveway and please watch out for the increased amount of street parking during this improvement period. (remember to take valuables into your homes and lock your vehicles while parked on the streets to reduce risk of car burglaries.)  If your home has a sprinkler system I would advise you to flag your sprinkler heads when the cones show up on your side of the street.
We have been given the On-Site Supervisors email and phone number incase of any damage during this project.
Dennis Cottrell
(913) 915-6956
O'Donnell & Sons Office
(913) 681-2155
Lastly just a reminder to watch out for the crews working on the streets during this time. We know this can be frustrating but try to give them a break and also slow down when driving through their work areas.
If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to your HOA board members.
Have a wonderful week. - Andrew H.

Summercrest HOA Annual Meeting Reminder:
Hello Friends! Do not forget tonight (June 21, 2017) 7:00 pm is the Annual Meeting! Please come out so you can contribute to the vote towards our new dues, project plans for a new monument on 115th, and more. We look forward to seeing you all this evening - Your President - Andrew H.

Summercrest Street Trees Update:
Many of you should have received a notice in the mail stating that our neighborhood has been selected for the 2017 Residential Street Maintenance Program. Feel free to call the provided numbers for more information and we look forward to have cleaner streets by July.  

Summercrest Newsletter
Click below for the latest information about the going's on in Summercrest Homes Association:
Spring 2017 

Trash Update
As many of you are aware, Waste Management (“WM”) has acquired Deffenbaugh Disposal Service and L&K     Disposal.  Over the last year or so, WM is working to implement changes to administration and operations within their company.  Needless to say, the transition has not been smooth.
Recently, many cities and HOA’s have had difficulty with timely trash, recycling and yard waste removal services.  Many of you have contacted  the Summercrest Homes Association Board of  Managers or the management        company, Home Association Solutions, to report issues.  Both entities have tried to get resolution from WM and respond to calls.  However, issues with removal continue. 
We have learned through discussions with WM management, that a labor shortage is the primary issue             surrounding timely pickup.  In an effort to follow labor laws and to ensure there are qualified drivers/haulers, WM has encountered a shortage of good labor.  This is a region-wide problem and their main competitor, Waste        Corporation of America (who recently acquired Town & Country Disposal) is experiencing the exact same issue.  So unfortunately, moving SHA business to the other viable competitor to WM would not produce better service at this time.
Summercrest entered into a new five year agreement with WM in July of 2016.  We were able to secure a slightly lower first year price and lowered the annual increase from 5% to 3%.  In our efforts to bid service, we realized the prices would be 15-20% higher dues to the conversion of the polycart program.  The Board felt at that time that the package was attractive enough to move forward with WM.
While a few calls continue to come in, it appears that service is improving.  WM has ensured us that they are   making efforts to overcome their issues.  In the meantime, WM is making removal of household waste their      highest priority.  If there are issues, recycling and yard waste may be delayed a day or two. 
So, if WM fails to pick up all three types of waste on the same day, please leave bags or carts out as pickup will be forthcoming.  
If you have issues, please contact Waste Management at (800)631-3301 or report it online at www.wm.com.   
We apologize for the inconvenience and both WM and the Board appreciate your patience!

Deffenbaugh has notified the HOA as well as sent postcards (attached in the link below) to each resident to notify of a significant change in trash service.  The trash service day will be moving from Wednesday's to Friday's effective the week of July 11th.  All residents should have been notified by mail from Deffenbaugh, however if you have not, please be sure to put your trash out on Friday's starting next week.

Unfortunately there will not be a city sponsored large item pick-up in 2016.  You will need to make other arrangements if you have large items that need to be disposed of.

Association Annual Dues
Invoices will be distributed this year on May, 1 2016.  The association is requesting payment no later than June 1, 2016.  Please remember that your dues go towards paying for your trash, recycling and yard waste services as well as covering expenses to help keep Summercrest looking good.

AT&T Recent Activity 
It has come to the attention of the association Board and manager that AT&T has returned to Summercrest for additional installation of equipment.  In response to multiple complaint calls and emails, Home Association Solutions has been in contact with AT&T.  Because there seems to be some misinformation about what is going on, we thought we would forward information from AT&T to all residents.
AT&T is undergoing their "12 in 1" Drop Project
The City of Overland Park has approved this plan which includes access to city right of ways (not just the utility easements
AT&T is installing new connection appartus in the ground to allow for easier connectivity to individual homes
All apparatus are supposed to be buried below grade of the ground
Hearland Midwest is the subcontractor who has been awarded the job for Summercrest (as of 1/25/16
Heartland Midwest is required to use marked vehicles and distribute door hangers to residents (we have requested that this be enforced.
AT&T is required to repair any damage made through this process.
AT&T has informed us that during the winter months, any dig sites will be leveled and seeded (covered with straw).  If further turf repairs are required, sod may be installed during warmer months.
If you have further complaints, there is a new designated local complaint line: (913)676-1801 and a new email address: g43578@att.com 

Remove Valuables and Lock Your Vehicle
Posted by Overland Park Police Department
Yes, it really can be that simple.

Did you know that there are people who travel through neighborhoods in the middle of the night checking door handles on cars parked outside just to see if they're unlocked. In many cases they are, and in these unlocked vehicles are various electronics, GPS devices, phones, purses, wallets, and the list goes on and on.

Inside some of these unlocked vehicles you'll also find garage door openers that will allow thieves to gain access to the inside of your garage where your other vehicles are, or worse yet, the inside of your home. Leaving a garage door opener inside an unlocked car can be an open invitation to enter your house.

In 2013, the Overland Park Police Department took 298 auto burglary reports involving unlocked vehicles. That number is about half of all the auto burglaries. Just think of how much lower the total would be for the year if the owners had taken the time to secure their vehicles.

The majority of these thieves don't want to take the chance of waking up the neighborhood by breaking a window, hoping they'll find something of value inside - because there's too many other vehicles down the road that may be unlocked.

The simple solution is obvious in order to reduce the majority of these "crimes of opportunity." Lock it up and don't leave valuables inside!

Auto Burglaries
A Summercrest resident who resides in the 7500 block of West 115th Street reported to a Baord member that his truck and four other vehicles had been broken into about a week ago.
After investigating with OPPD, they recommended the following precautions:

THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO to avoid auto burlaries:
1) park in garages
2) if not garage, in driveway
3) Always lock doors
4) Do NOT leave things in your car (i.e. Don't give them reason to want to get in your car)!

On a positive note, observant residents in Overland Park reported possible burglaries to the OPPD recently and four people were taken into custody (in various parts of the city). In Overland Park and in Summercrest, we respectfully request that everyone keep an eye on one another, their homes and cars, and report any suspicious behavior to the authorities.

Monumental Facelift
Summercrest’s only monument has lasted for decades in its present state. It has held holiday decorations every year, is draped with garage sale banners, and marks the Lowell Avenue entrance to the community with style.
Over the summers and winters, the limestone and brick monument has begun to show its age. The Board has scheduled a monument restoration project to be completed this summer. The metal sign that displays the Summercrest name will be removed and replaced by a small limestone inlay. The brick will be removed and replaced with matching brick and the stones will be tuckpointed and sealed. The Board hopes that this will beautify our entrance and preserve our monument for a few decades to come.
Please make note of the before and after as you walk or drive by.

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