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Summercrest Trash Transition
Posted on Mar 25th, 2021

At the end of 2020, Summercrest was put on notice at that Waste Management would be breaching the contract due to COVID-19. Not only was the annual increase going to exceed the contracted capped rate, but that it was the intention to distribute larger recycling polycarts and reduce the recycling service to every other week (instead of the contracted weekly service). Waste Management agreed to allow us out of our contract if the association wanted to move to another hauler.
So we went to bid with all other trash companies in the metro. The Board selected Kansas City Disposal Service as our new hauler who offered all of the services that Waste Management used to offer (weekly household waste, recycling, and yard waste removal), and we were able execute a five-year contract.
We are in the process of terminating our contract with Waste Management and starting the relationship with KC Disposal. We wanted to make sure that new polycarts were distributed prior to the removal of the Waste Management carts.
We will request that Waste Management removed their polycarts on April 2nd. But Waste Management uses a third-party to handle their cart pickups, so it is uncertain when they will be in Summercrest to remove their carts. As you saw in the poorly communicated/handled recycling cart distribution, we have little influence over Waste Management's behavior.
We ask that you continue to use the Waste Management carts until April 2nd. Going forward after April 2nd, you can begin using the new KC Disposal carts. Your new trash, recycling, and yard waste collection will now be on Wednesdays starting April 7th. 
We also ask for your patience during this process!
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