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Ash Tree Removal Program
Posted on Nov 21st, 2022

A bug the size of a grain of rice has had a major impact on ash trees in our community, and the City is investing in steps to stop the problem before it gets worse.
By 2023, there will be approximately 8,000 ash street trees left in Overland Park.
The Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species that feeds specifically on ash species, will kill all of those trees off.
The City has been removing street trees affected by the emerald ash borer as residents request removal. 
Street trees are trees on public property, generally in the space about 11 feet back from the curb.
Forestry crews are currently able to remove around 500 ash trees annually, meaning it would take about 16 years to address safety and aesthetic concerns surrounding the dying trees.
Beginning in 2023, Overland Park will shift toward large-scale ash street tree removal and replanting.
Please see further information about the city's action plan by clicking here
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